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18 year old Chris Arthur Chikwadoro launches his first book ‘Igbo Boy’
Wonder Boy Author, TEDX speaker YASH TIWARI – “In-depth and proper conceptualization is something that a lot many aspiring writers miss out on”.
 Author Shivendra Kapoor, a Vedic astrology enthusiast checks planetary aspects that influence his mind while writing.
Author-film director Shiv Panikker’s success mantras with his comic book ‘Gone Case’.
 Author Shamlal Puri - Characters can make or break a story. An annoying character will kill the story.
Author Vinisha Panwar - I start involving myself in designing marketing strategies and advertising campaigns in my mind from the beginning itself.
Author David Chandler - Self-publishing helps remove those contractual doubts.
 Author Nithya Sashi – Be shameless, Talk about yourself and your book.
Author Tom Marlowe - The Erotica book market is huge, Romance is the biggest selling genre.
Aaira Dwivedi: It is possible to revive nature and it can flourish
 Author Manali Desai – Noting down ideas about the characters of my book helps me write better.
Author Praful Shah’s successful stint as a screenwriter for OTT platforms and films.
Author Brenda E McDaniel - Self-publishing is less costly but very intensive.
Author P C Balasubramanian - Superstar Rajinikanth never interfered into either of the books I have written about him.
Author Kamlesh S Kaltari - I wasn’t into reading at all other than academics.
Author Brian J. Smith - A writer’s block can put a writer’s entire schedule in a chaotic downward spiral.
A MUST READ – Author Sudipta Mukherjee stirs you up - What would happen to the therapeutic magic of touch?
Author Nasreen Vairyawa - Readers will buy books that answer their questions or solve their challenges.
 Author D. M. O’Neal - I began writing Shambles when my husband chose to disappear to escape the law and the IRS in 1993.
 Author Abhishek Datta - Negotiation techniques are like electric saw blades. If you know how to use it, you do not need force.