Book launch - Letters from a dead girl - A must read


Author Shivani Malhotra's latest book is an absolute thriller. Do pick it up on the link listed below. 

Book Synopsis

Simran is a college student who dies in mysterious circumstances. Family and friends receive letters shortly after her death. The characters brother Samar is determined to find out the truth behind his sister’s death. During his search for evidence, he unearths more letters and tries to relate with the possible situation which might have led to his sister’s death. Samar discovers his sisters’ missing diary in uncalled setup. The story has been set up in different locations including Delhi, Pune, Goa and new Zealand. It revolves around a girl who likes travelling. She wanted to be an independent woman but she lost focus which led her to take wrong decisions. Her life is a tussle between what she wants’ and what her family wants’. 

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