#GoodReads - Allegories for Bohemians by Tapo Vijay Kar



This book is a collection of short stories sketched from various facets of life, manifesting the lives in various backgrounds of events. It has many flavors including romance, sexuality, liberty of soul, questions on traditional value of morality, science fiction etc. Each story is unique and driven from situational circumstances of, an event or series of events.

The stories in the book are a collection of manifestations in the world that we live. Some of the sneak peeks are:

·                      Niti finding her liberation from the shackles of moralities and finding herself.

·                      Does Sexuality have any ambit of probity?

·                      The larger than the life aim of Gayatri’s, which led her to think alternatively on the purpose of life and the means to achieve it.

·                      The Kind of Service people can offer in this world.

·                      A Serial Killers Chronicle.

·                      The tell-tale of Romance in our times.    

You can buy the book on Amazon or Flipkart. The amazon link is:

 Allegories for Bohemians