18 year old Chris Arthur Chikwadoro launches his first book ‘Igbo Boy’



Brief Introduction of the author:

Hats off to the young blood generation kids who have a mind of their own, especially the thinker types who seek to make a change to the current scenario. Our latest ‘Author on Call’ interview series has a young man who is just 18 years old. Chris Arthur Chikwadoro goes by the pen name - C.A. Chikwadoro and is soon launching his first book ‘Igbo Boy’ as an author.

Based in Owerri, a city in Nigeria, Chris is passionate about writing, is deeply interested in the current events of his country and hopes to make a change and impact with his writing. Kudos to him and his parents who have supported this boy to shine, shimmer and rock the world at such a young age.

The interview:

How long did it take to get your first novel/ book published?

It took me about a month to get my book published.

Mistake you wouldn't like to repeat?

The only mistake I wouldn't like to repeat is having self-doubt.

Can you focus on working on two books or stores at the same time?

I can focus on writing two books at the same time. I started writing a novel - a science fiction series, the same time I was writing Igbo Boy.

What is your modus operandi while working on a book?

I write whenever I'm in the mood, I don't force myself because I believe that with the right mood, I get the right ideas and words.


What was the book that influenced your life and why?

The book that mostly influenced my life is titled: Ann of Green Gables. It centers on fictitious Ann, who was adopted from an orphanage and Rose to limelight. It has been a source of courage to me, instilling the belief that one can rise from small beginnings.

How often do you read other novels? Who are your favourite authors?

I read at least three novels a week. My favorite authors are:

·       Lisa Jackson

·       Danielle Steel

·       Nora Roberts

·       Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

What tips for book promotion would you suggest to budding authors?

·       Local book launch

·       Word of mouth

·       Reviews through social media influencers

·       Enticing book covers and description.


The link to the book - Igbo Boy