What makes Nitya Anjaria’s Lockdown Reunion a Romantic Saga?


Life is not completely in your control, there are a lot of things that happens and that’s destiny. So true, when one thinks of the Lockdown phase. Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might never have imagined. So true was the case with Nitya Anjaria (an IT professional in the field of Business Intelligence).

Being an acclaimed astrologer too, Nitya was one of the first to throw light with some breaking revelations about the pandemic. Her forecasts hold weight even today after we have surpassed some months from the time this phase began. Besides this Nitya is a trained classical singer, a food reviewer and a die-hard ShahRukh Khan fan. 

In a free-wheeling chat, Nitya reveals some lovable moments about the lockdown reunion with her husband and how destiny turned the tables…all with an overdose of love, affection and togetherness. 

The Interview:

How would you describe the lockdown period?
To be honest, I know it is a difficult time for the world but for me it has been a life-changing experience. After 7 years of long distance relationship, Aniket and I got married on 28th November 2019. He works in Delhi as a Marketing Manager, while I was stationed in Mumbai. Our initial plan for a reunion (till the time we decided which city to live in) was to meet once in 2-3 months depending on long weekends and work schedule.

I was about to join a new job in March. Since there was a gap in the joining date, I decided to go to Delhi and spend some quality time with my husband. Within a week of me being in Delhi, lockdown got declared and I got locked up here with him. The brownie points of this reunion was that we got all the time in the world. We both were working from home and literally spending the entire day with each other’s company. I am blessed that he pampers me so much, cooks up new dishes for me and helps me with all the household chores as well.

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So Love literally blossomed with this Lockdown reunion period for you. Tell us more.
Ours was a love marriage and during the lockdown phase, hubby dearest has been a total sweetheart. Every moment spent with him (even before our marriage) has been a milestone. Our love story started when we were dating back in 2012. He used to cook up new dishes for me and bring it to college. Our story itself is very interesting where I was a professor and he was my student. Isn’t that totally out of a romantic book?

My parents were initially against our relationship but Aniket assured me that he would fulfil all the expectations my parents had from my to-be husband and proved it. My mother-in-law is super-cool and she encourages me to follow my passion by asking me to shoot Maharashtrian food cooking videos (for my Instagram feed) and not just of Gujurati dishes. Thankfully, she is also a stern believer of astrology and always encourages me to excel in the field which could one day be my full-time profession.

Any special moments during the lockdown?
Of course yes! It was my birthday on 2nd May and my knight in shining armour, who doesn’t know the ABCD of baking flashes a surprise that gets tears in my eyes. Aniket actually baked a cake for me. I was super impressed but yes, am still awaiting my birthday gift from him.

Since the Lockdown makes one morose and introspective, how did you manage being away from Mumbai although you were with your hubby?
During this phase, we’re all locked down and can’t step out at all. Being trapped put me in a completely different mind-set. It affected my moods to an extent. In the beginning I used to feel low at times.  Also being an astrologer, clients used to call me when they felt mentally or emotionally weak and they considered me as their guiding light. 

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To make myself sane and mentally strong, I started watching motivational videos by GaryVee. I started learning about financial investment as this period has taught me that always be prepared for a rainy day. I read books like “How to go from where you are to where you want to be” by Jack Canfield, “Think and Grow Rich”, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and astrology books to upgrade my knowledge.

What’s the one skill you did not know you had and realised during this phase?
I never knew I could multitask with many tasks simultaneously. Juggling a full-time job (even if it was work from home), cooking, cleaning, being active on social media, making astrology reports for clients. Phew… back in Mumbai, both my mom and mother-in-law used to do it all single-handedly.
I never really understood how much work and planning goes into maintaining a home. Being a full-time housewife-cum-career professional and that too doing household chores without any maid was taxing yet satisfying. It’s Aniket’s support that gave me more strength and the will to pass through this phase.

Hats off to our Mothers for managing it all so smoothly. We, as kids would never really have understood them had it not been for this lockdown. Tolerating demands of every family member and fulfilling it successfully without expecting anything in return.  That’s the unconditional love and caring nature our Moms are made of. They deserve the tightest hugs on a daily basis for being there for us selflessly.

Have you tried cooking most of your favourites at home already? Any new recipes you tried out.
Being the MasterChef at home, I have tried making restaurant style Dum Aloo, Paneer Butter Masala, Gujarati Kadhi, Haandvo, pancakes, brownies, kebabs, Wheat based Naan, Pizza base without yeast.

I have tried making one of my favourite one pot meals which is Khowsuey and it turned out to be freaking good. The lockdown has proved to be a boon for me to gain confidence to be a good cook too.

What new hobbies have you started or experimented during this phase?
Being at home, we tend to munch on snacks all the time and also gain weight. So I decided to start working out daily at least for 20 minutes. Aniket and I both challenge each other so we end up shedding the extra calories. I have started to enjoy a daily fitness routine and skipping it for a day then it feels incomplete.

Lastly, I would just say ‘Be grateful for what you have, your life is a dream for some’! J