Rave reviews galore from Bollywood heavyweights for author Praful Shah’s book, ‘Father’s Day’.


Celebrated author and screenwriter Praful Shah's English novel FATHER'S DAY's has been recently launched as an e-book version and is available on Kindle for readers. Surprisingly, the book is being lapped up not just by readers but even being highly appreciated by heavyweights of Bollywood.

After success in Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi hard copy success, Praful Shah thought it a wise decision to launch the book for Kindle readers too. “I hadn’t expected so much of a response. What was touching is that the Bollywood fraternity has also picked up the book and sent me personalised messages about their reviews.

Super successful singer, music director, actor, producer and popular music reality show Judge Himmesh Reshammiya says, "Praful Shah is person of deep and unbelievable research. His book FATHER'S DAY is unusual and fantastic thriller”. His words of praise surely hold strong essence and apparently HR is also making a biopic on Gorkha soldier ‘Vishnu Prasad Shrestha’ which is researched and written by Shah.

“A must read for all father and sons” is the opinion of Bollywood's biggest production house PEN's MD Jayantilal Gada. The man who is associated with Vidya Balan’s KAHANI and Ayushmann Khurana's DREAM GIRL says, “This Book Father's Day depicts father-son relation in unique emotional way. It is a thrilling roller-coaster ride”.

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Writer-director and National and International film award winner, Ananth Mahadevan is also full of praise for the taut thriller. He says, “In FATHER'S DAY, Praful Shah channelizes his immense experience to pen an exciting and heartfelt special thriller. Based on true characters and incidents this book has an unusual protagonist whose exploits make for compulsive reading”.

Praful Shah's E-book: English FATHER'S DAY 
हिंदी 'फादर्स डे'