Author P C Balasubramanian - Superstar Rajinikanth never interfered into either of the books I have written about him.

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A brief about author P C Balasubramanian P C Balasubramanian (very often addressed as Bala or PC) is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. A movie buff and an avid cricket lover – nothing strange for someone who has grown up in the southern part of the country.
The deep admiration and respect for the phenomenon called “Rajinikanth” brought out the writer in Bala. He is the lead author of “Rajini’s Punchtantra” that was launched on Dec 12th 2010. Launched in both English and Tamil, the book has become one of the best sellers. The second book “Grand Brand Rajini” another best seller where Bala is again the lead author, was launched in the year 2012 as a tribute to the super star of our times just a week before his special birthday 12.12.12.

The Interview:
How long did it take to get your first novel / book published?
My first book is Rajini’s Punchtantra. I got into writing with non-fiction. It took five months to finish writing and getting a publisher took some time. I didn’t go through any agency, tried directly with publishers. After one or two rejections, a Chennai based publisher exhibited keen interest and that’s how the book got published. Immediately after the launch and a grand success, Rupa took over the rights and that’s how the book also became a national best seller.
What mistakes did you make with the publishing of your first book which you try not to repeat?
I don’t think there were any mistakes. Perhaps on account it being my first book, the stress levels were high as I was new to this space. From completing the book, editing, getting the wishes from Shri. Rajinikanth, getting hold of a publisher, ensuring the book gets launched on the super star’s birthday and getting the VIPs to launch the book and getting audience for the book launch added to the stress. Eventually, everything fell in place and the book received a material coverage in the media as well.

What made you choose Superstar Rajinikanth as the mascot and ideal for your books?
Mr. Rajinikanth has always been a major influence (from my school days) in my outlook towards life. He’s a sensational super star on screen for over thirty years now who still commands great respect and adulation from his fans and diehard followers.

My first two books centred on him. The first one 'Rajini's Punchtantra' is based on the signature lines he spoke in movies that secured thunderous applause and the second one 'Grand Brand Rajini'  is based on his fabulous film career. He is a huge brand who doesn't endorse any brand. He is the perfect brand for us to draw parallel with several brand stories around the world to ensure that the reading is interesting and entertaining while being useful too. I never consider him as a mascot since the entire subject revolves around him.

Did you seek his prior approval to using his name with the book? How did you manage to get him to agree to have these books published?
In reality, permission is not required as it is not a biography. Yet, I was particular to take his best wishes and blessings for the projects and the kind of person he is. He happily wished us in our endeavour. In fact with regard to Rajini's Punchtantra where business management lessons are derived from his punch lines, he humbly mentioned that he never thought that there could be so many inference from the said lines. 

While penning down these books, how much relevance to reality has been incorporated in the story-telling?
This question is more relevant to the book Grand Brand Rajini. It is out and out reality or close to reality. With some exceptions which an author is entitled to exaggerate or magnify certain stories to make the reading interesting, the information and story about his career is absolute reality. It is a detailed research work on his career and many brands that we use or consume.
I am not from film industry, nothing to do with that industry except that I am like millions, another film buff and an ardent Rajinikanth admirer. 

With the superstar’s image, have the lessons, learnings and techniques been glorified to suit the larger-than-life image the actor has?
Not at all, and the points are explained in the above question as well. 

Did the actor insist on reading the books before they were published? Did he suggest any changes to concept and content the book had to offer?
He didn't but as authors we insisted and requested him. In fact I had asked him to give four lines for Rajini's Punchtantra. He had reservation as the book was all about his dialogues in movies but after reading the final draft, he himself offered to give four lines as he loved the book.


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In Grand Brand Rajini, in one chapter, we have even criticised him and specifically asked him if we had to remove it. After four or five days, he came back saying that we could proceed and no changes were required. He never interfered into either of the books and only suggested that Rajini's Punchtantra could also be done in Tamil.

He was magnanimous to send his daughter for the first book launch and his wife for the second book launch and both of them respected our invite and represented him and the family. While we had the legendary director Late Shri K Balachander, the director who discovered Rajinikanth for us in 1975, for the launch of Rajini's Punchtantra, we had the notable film director Balki for the second book launch.

Can you focus on working on two books or stories at the same time?
Yes it is possible and I am currently doing it. To me it is possible because, I don’t set unrealistic targets for completion. I take it easy. It is a learning for me.

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