Why Naina Dsouza wants you to appreciate every woman folk in your family and be thankful to them?


Naina Dsouza, is a full-time working professional, who passionately follows her love for food and lifestyle blogging. A Be Positive always fashionista, Naina believes in the YOLO therapy - You Live Only Once or the Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – if you relate this with Bollywood.

The interview:

How would you describe the lockdown period?
The lockdown is a very strong reminder to everyone to take a pause, look back and cherish our relationships and beautiful memories. It’s time to be thankful to the good times we had, be humble and optimistic towards the future.
What new hobbies have you started or experimented during this phase?
Of course, being a foodie, I experimented with our food meals. Besides this, I also dabbled with some fun videos on TikTok (something that I always wanted to do and trying to be active on this platform).
Which films / web series / shows / content you have loved watching during this phase and why?
At the start of the lockdown, I watched season 4 of “Money Heist” and the recent one I loved was “Paatal Lok” which has some great star cast and amazing acting. I am always on the lookout for a great web series.
What have you missed eating or drinking most?
I certainly miss the Elco Pani Puri and the saddest part is, I do not know when I will be able to feast on it.

Have you tried cooking most of your favourites at home already? Any new recipes you tried out?
Yes, we made most of our favourite dishes. I had never tried making Pizza at home, which we did and it turned out to be great.
What’s the one skill you did not know you had and realised during this phase?
I always wanted to be on TikTok and understand this platform. This lockdown I made TikTok videos and learnt all those tempting effects. TikTok is one of the smartest social media platform without any doubt.
What has been the most annoying thing you have observed during this period?
The initial days were tough. The daily schedule had gone haywire which upset me. We had to be disciplined and follow some schedules, especially with our sleeping and meal times.

Has the lockdown changed you in some way – emotionally or mentally? What are the changes you have seen in yourself?
I am a kind of person who believes in the “Kal Ho Na Ho” logic and this situation has only made me believe in my logic strongly and follow it in future with even more zeal.
I have also realized the struggle housewives go through and sometimes I feel we take them for granted. What our Mom’s do for us or daughters or housewives do for their families is truly note-worthy and commendable. Motherhood is one of the most exhausting job of this planet. We definitely need to appreciate every woman folk in our family and be thankful to them for their unconditional zest to do more than expected.
What are the 3 things you would surely try out once the lockdown is over?
Firstly, I would definitely try and connect with my loved ones personally. I will try and eat home-cooked food more often. This lockdown has made us realize that we can create great and satisfying dishes at home. 
I would try and use the existing wardrobe as I have also realized we do sometimes buy stuff that we don’t even need.
How would you handle your life post 31st May 2020? Any care tips you plan to follow.
1.    I would want to WFH (work from home) for the longest time, as long as permitted and if Covid19 pandemic still continues.
2.    I would step out only if it’s urgent and important till this horrific situation disappears completely.
3.    I would want to eat Home Cooked food for a while to stay away from any Covid infections.
4.    I would continue to maintain the high levels of hygiene at home.

What have been the learnings from the lockdown? How has this phase changed you as a person?
1.    Look at the amount of money we actually need and we end up spending otherwise.
2.    We have so many skills, all we need to do is – REALIZE!!
3.    Also I seem to have understood that getting to step out of the house was/is a LUXURY.
4.    And definitely would want to think before taking any huge loans as situations like this can really make things difficult to handle. There is ample of negativity in the news every day. Poor Economy, Job Losses and the never-ending set of new problems that keep coming up.
5.    Every morning, you get to hear about so many deaths in the world, so lastly I would just want to be grateful each day.