Why Aryeman feels ‘we aren’t safe any longer’ even post the Lockdown opening up?


The Lockdown phase has shown us shades of Satyug, that’s what Aryeman feels. With 60 days of isolation with your family, most of us have introspected on our lives and different realizations have seeped into us. A social media influencer, content creator and blogger, Aryeman puts forth his viewpoints on how the lockdown phase has shaped him and what fears still abound within most of us?

The interview:

How would you describe the lockdown period?

The lockdown period has been a ballistic shock, the effects of which keep reverberating every day with a vengeance. When the Corona virus outbreak hit the international zone, little did I realise or expect that we as Indians would be caged within our homes for more than 50 days at a stretch.

The Lockdown phase has proved miraculous to me. I actually quit smoking once my stock got over. Being habituated to nicotine, I had tried to quit the addiction, but this time it was so easy. The non-availability of the cigarettes and the peaceful lifestyle change brought about this change which I hope should continue.

What new hobbies have you started or experimented during this

I have always been one to create opportunities rather than wait for them to fall into my lap. The lockdown phase offered me different perceptions for my goals. While most people were complaining of money loss on the career front, I managed to ghost write (and get paid in advance) two e-books, created around 1500 memes (all sold), did the marketing for two home chefs to make money and some more activities. A clear mind made work ideas to move faster. The phase has opened up my brainwaves to introspection, retrospection and quick action plans for the future.

Which films / web series / shows / content you have loved watching during this phase and why?

Since I also review web series, this time I haven’t binge watched. I chose to write (and work) my short film scripts and ideas. As a writer, I don’t want to get influenced by watching the current web series. I did watch Paatal Lok and a series of short films.

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What have you missed eating or drinking most?

Being a holistic foodie, I suddenly found myself being unable to eat my favourites, especially in the non-vegetarian section. I chose not to order from the delivery kitchens after seeing some videos where hygiene standards weren’t being maintained. Yes, I did miss some tantalizing fusion food creations and scintillating cocktails which I am crazy for.

Have you tried cooking most of your favourites at home already? Any new recipes you tried out.

Well, I haven’t been cooking much but yes assisting in the household work. #ShareTheWorkLoad was our culture while we were in Dubai, it got revived during the lockdown phase since there was a paucity of house maids. Hats off to the women folk for holding their steam and managing so many chores single-handedly during the lockdown. They are the true Warriors for us.

What’s the one skill you did not know you had and realised during this phase?

Multi-tasking was always my forte, so was being restless. The Lockdown has tutored me to enjoy me-time by focussing on some more meditation, cutting off the cords with the negative viruses within my life and praying universally for things to improve for everyone post the Lockdown.

What has been the most annoying thing you have observed during this period?

What annoyed me most was the power play politics which continued during this stressful phase. Political parties are constantly mud-slinging and trying to bring down each other. The killings of the sadhus in Palghar was a sad event which till date hasn’t found any answers.

Besides, I did find myself getting a bit lazy and my earlier organized work schedules have gone for a toss since there is no deadline or compulsion to finish my tasks.

Has the lockdown changed you in some way – emotionally or mentally? What are the changes you have seen in yourself?

The pandemic phase has re-instilled the fact within us that ‘life can change in a second’. We are back to the Satyug stage, living within our means, no glam-sham and showbiz. We were all handicapped, some praying for their families well-being while most others becoming Gyaan Gurus.

On the mental front, the realisation has been to be happy with what you have and continue saving for such emergencies which could squeeze your wallet strings. Imagine having to pay ten lakh rupees to a private hospital if you were undergoing the Covid-19 treatment and tests with them for 14 days. Your medical insurance may pay a portion of it but being hit with such monetary blows startles the living daylights out of you.

What are the 3 things you would surely try out once the lockdown is over?

I would love to visit my favourite local gurudwaras and temple, finish my banking (to ascertain where I stand) and continue spending more time with the family and connect with close friends. Given a choice, would love to run away for a vacation to Goa (depending on the travel scenario and safety). We all need a break and get a whiff of nature. I was lucky to have finished two travel staycations before the lockdown started. My Delhi staycation got stuck. Somehow my sixth sense forced me to prepone my ticket bookings. Thank god that I could have two small mini-breaks.

How would you handle your life post 31st May 2020? Any care tips you plan to follow.

I think it is best to flow with the tide. Safety measures will surely hold priority, the economy will be in the doldrums again. Expenses will surely increase, so will crime. The time to stay safe and continue saving will continue till the time the vaccine is in place. Till then, our mind will continue to be in a lockdown, full of fear and insecurity of where life is going to lead us to.

What have been the learnings from the lockdown? How has this phase changed you as a person?

I have always been a family person who valued relationships like close-guarded treasures. This phase has helped me create a stronger bonding with loved ones. It’s almost like the fear of death has seeped into us looking at what’s happening around the world. Imagine being unable to be there for your parent’s final moments (Bollywood actor Irrfan   Khan couldn’t take the loss).  One of my friend lost his daughter in Spain (due to the corona virus), he didn’t even get to see her dead body nor can he trace more details about her house.

The bottom line is – we aren’t safe any longer till there is a vaccine in place. Learn to be happy with what you have, go easy with squandering on luxuries, have faith in the Universe for being there with you and your loved ones…till we are sure that we are safe.