Sanket Savaliya - The lockdown has given us an opportunity to take a PAUSE moment and reflect.


Sanket Savaliya, a well-known blogger and media professional having a vast experience in media and entertainment industry shares his life experience during lockdown.

How would you describe the lockdown period?
Honestly I am not complaining about the lockdown, I feel it was an absolute necessity looking at the numbers of Covid-19 increasing. I got plenty of time to complete all my pending assignments. I got to learn new job skills too by enrolling for some online courses. The overall knowledge gained in this phase was tremendous.

What new hobbies have you started or experimented during this phase?
On the hobby front, I started learning to play the harmonica and xylophone. Besides this, I also curated couple of mocktails. I conjured up some original mocktails with the available ingredient at home. Soon will post full recipe on my food blog

Which films / web series / shows / content you have loved watching during this phase and why?
I enjoyed many web series during lockdown. “Asur”, I loved the most because of its thrilling story line and amazing acting by all the cast. From international studios, I enjoyed “Money Heist” and “Al Chapo” both were like a roller-coaster ride. On the web series front, I prefer something that is gripping from the start till the end.

What have you missed eating or drinking most?
More than the Indian street food, I missed favorite Mexican dishes. I did try making some of them at home to satisfy my cravings.

Have you tried cooking most of your favorites at home already? Any new recipes you tried out.
Yes as I mentioned earlier, have tried cooking few Mexican dishes at home and made my version of Mexican rice (bit spicy), Quesadillas and Taquito with a slight regional twist and along with this some Nachos with flaming hot Indian spices.
What’s the one skill you did not know you had and realized during this phase?
Well, I realized that I have developed the skills of motivating people. Many of my friends and collogues had shared their life glitches with me and I started counseling them and motivating them to stay positive and diverting their mind from all the negativity and it did help them. Now they call me more often to seek some motivation and they feel good about it. I hope I can soon start charging for this service also.

What has been the most annoying thing you have observed during this period?
Most annoying is when the liquor shop opened and people went flocking like there is no tomorrow. It was shocking and disturbing to notice that people are so addicted to alcohol and standing in the long queue without maintaining social distancing. But I’m glad that government shut liquor shops very next day.

Has the lockdown changed you in some way – emotionally or mentally?
I won’t say I have noticed any drastic changes. But yes, I got more time to spend with the family. I would say I become stronger mentally as got time to think deeply. Also I realized that the family that stays together bonds better together.
What are the 3 things you would surely try out once the lockdown is over?
Good question! It’s been long since last I partied with my friends so definitely will go partying with my friends. Other than that would go for a weekend gateway trip. It could be hiking as monsoon is nearby so would rather do a weekend trip to a nearby forest area. Lastly I would attend some good networking event where I could make new connections.

How would you handle your life post 31st May 2020? Any care tips you plan to follow.
Yes, daily life will change after the lockdown ends. We will have to be more careful specially commuting through public transport. There could be subsequent changes like maintaining hygiene levels, changing our eating habits and relying more on home food rather than having at restaurants or ordering online. We would have to find new ways to stay healthy and focus on exercise. Overall, staying optimistic and mentally fit will be benchmarks for us.

What have been the learnings from the lockdown? How has this phase changed you as a person?
I’ve learned to notice and appreciate the small things in life. Now that we are all in the pandemic situation and so much happening on the world front, we all have to start thinking of the future too.
The lockdown has given us an opportunity to take a PAUSE moment and reflect. Our life which moved so fast was suddenly still and numb. Whatever you enjoy in life, slow down to actually appreciate it and enjoy it.

Another important thing is “Togetherness” with our closed ones. In such times of crisis, I truly believe that by staying close to our family, we heal our authentic selves, with others. There is a special energy that gets created when we share our thoughts, concerns and life with others. Are you getting the support you need right now from your community? Perhaps it’s time to build or join one.

And there are so many amazing lessons to be learned! As the saying goes - the journey is more important than the destination.

Let us learn to unlearn and get reintroduced to our true selves so that we can walk out after the lockdown as a new person into a new healthy world with new experiences and challenges.

I encourage you all to be mindful, take a PAUSE and use this time to reflect on what’s going on in your own life and what’s important! And to pay more attention to the little things in life.