Ridheema Tiwari - Lockdown has made me Aatma Nirbhar in every way. It has made me a stronger person.


For an actor and performer, long work schedules and an erratic lifestyle may have been causes for concern while they were shooting. But it’s hard to imagine that these creative geeks who are addicted to the constant rush of adrenaline of a fast-paced life of sweat, blood and tears – the world of Showbiz, to be trapped within the four walls of their house. That’s what Lockdown has done to all of us, the entertainers too are following the norms.

We caught up with actor Ridheema Tiwari, who minced no words on her true feelings about the pandemic stage in all our lives. Ridheema confessed that, “Actions and outcomes matter the most to me. Intuitive learners like me will prefer to work on possibilities and things that 'could be' and still manage to find that elusive peace of mind in every situation that life offers to you”.

Over to the effortless actor who has moulded herself effortlessly and emerged a winner.

The Interview:

How would you describe the lockdown period?
This phase has been an effortless process of Self Reclamation. It’s best to evolve with the adversities that life throws onto us, there’s always a silver lining to it.

What new hobbies have you started or experimented during this phase?
Cooking, gardening and writing are some of the new hobbies I am trying my hand at.

Which films / web series / shows / content you have loved watching during this phase and why?
I did manage to make some time to watch some shows and films which I had missed. Asur, Special Ops, Mulk (the film), Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan were some on my list.

While Asur was a beautiful compilation of mytho-wrapped   dramatically with modern thrilling moments, Special Ops was well shot, slickly edited and had some outstanding performances by the cast. I also love the storyline of the film Mulk. I watched it more for Rishi sir but was amazed the manner in which the storyline was handled. It was a combination of sensibility, sensitivity, compassion and had a strong message too.

Ayushman Khurana impressed me with his histrionics in Shubh Mangal. He can surely pull off any character with such ease and perfection.

Have you tried cooking most of your favourites at home already? Any new recipes you tried out.
Some of my favourites which I did end up dishing out so far are Falafel wraps and sandwiches, some interesting, cheesy Burgers and delectable Chinese food.

What’s the one skill you did not know you had and realised during this phase?
I clean up (ghar ki safai) really well, although am not much of a fan of this task.

What has been the most annoying thing you have observed during this period?
I have noticed certain disturbing TikTok videos which didn’t go well with me. Also the active usage of social media and other platforms to cascade information in a sensational way. In these moments of despair, news needs to be empathetically managed.

Has the lockdown changed you in some way – emotionally or mentally? What are the changes you have seen in yourself?
Lockdown has made me Aatma Nirbhar in every way. It has made me a stronger person. Today I am more patient, resilient and calm. I have always lived one day at a time and have valued living every minute of the present moment to the fullest. I count my blessings, practise deep gratitude. Off late, simple things in life keep me grounded and positive. I am mindful of the vastness within us even in the restricted happy space called Home. My mind is so much at peace, the tranquillity that prevails keeps me sane than the stress which we actors normally are used to.

What are the 3 things you would surely try out once the lockdown is over?
I am not sure if one should switch off this mindfulness once the Lockdown phase is declared safe. We should continue maintaining precautions while stepping out for meetings and await proper guidelines for our work shootings. I would love to shoot in the green zones, keeping in mind my responsibility during this pandemic until there’s a vaccination for COVID-19.

How would you handle your life post 31st May 2020? Any care tips you plan to follow. 
Nothing changes and nothing will till we find a valid, fool-proof solution that eradicates the Virus. The world is on a stand-by mode and it’s better not to act foolish or make futile plans that would lead to disappointments and mental illness. I believe this should be our lifestyle now even post lockdown. I shall continue being home till things settle down.

What have been the learnings from the lockdown? How has this phase changed you as a person?
The realisation has been strong. The messages have been laid out in a lucid manner. We don’t really require a lot in life. We all can be happy with bare minimum too. All we have to do is look at the good things in the worst of situations. Once we shift focus, our perception changes too. Normal lifestyle demands an escape mode from stress resulting in unnecessary splurge in terms of investing money and time on things we don’t need and people who mean nothing.

This lockdown has made me aware of relationships that truly matter, people who truly mean the world to me and the fact that I can save more money for the future. Faith can move mountains, continue to have Faith not only in the Divine Universe but also let it flourish within yourself too so it can glorify your loved ones too.