#GoodReads recommends 'The Crossroads' by Sudipta Mukherjee



THE CROSSROADS is a story of Aparajita, a girl from a humble household of Kolkata, who tears away from her family to settle her roots in America with her childhood friend, Aniruddha. To Aparajita, he is everything she ever wanted.
Love dwindles slowly. Fate turns in a blink.
Disheartened, she returns to India and settles in a different city where she finds herself a stranger. Haunted by her thoughts, she finds no escape… until one day she discovers herself, standing at a new crossroads.
An ordinary girl, who loses herself to love.
A lover, who turns out to be a betrayer.
A friendship born on a stormy night.
A home coming that completes one full cycle.

About the author:

Sudipta Mukherjee stepped into the literary work with her first novel, The Crossroads. Her second novel, The Space Between Us, is due for release this year, by one of the fastest growing publishing houses of India. Recently, she has ventured into screen writing for films and other visual media. Sudipta lives in Pune with her husband and daughter.