Author Nasreen Vairyawa - Readers will buy books that answer their questions or solve their challenges.

By Aryeman


A brief about author Nasreen Vairyawa (in her own words).

I am Nasreen, meaning Wild Rose, born and raised in Durban, South Africa. After spending ten years as a corporate trainer and author of training material for corporate companies, I became inspired by the idea of wander-lusting.  Turkey took my fancy and I soon traded suits and stilettos for lab coats and trainers and entered the world of ESL teaching.

Here for 6 years, I have travelled, worked, and explored life as it should be lived- with childhood zest, passion, and color. I currently work on my author coaching business full-time and am a motivational speaker as well. 


How long did it take to get your first novel / book published? 
My first book, The Leadership Diary was born out of a challenge given to me on a leadership program. The challenge was to write a book in a month. By the time it was edited, formatted and uploaded, it took about 6 weeks of full time work. 

What mistakes did you make with the publishing of your first book which you try not to repeat? 
When I wrote the Leadership Diary I didn't know anything about publishing. I was so excited about publishing my first book and meeting the challenge that I naively thought that once it was uploaded, the book would sell by itself. I didn't know about how publishing worked and about promoting books. I learned those lessons as I moved along with writing Ignite the champion within and inspire others to begin. I was blessed to have met a publishing expert and learnt a lot from her about the processes and activities that are needed to promote a book successfully. 

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Can you focus on working on two books or stories at the same time?
Certainly! I am always full of different ideas but I don't become frazzled by it. I believe in working on what I'm most inspired by at any given moment. When inspiration comes on a project I may have started earlier, I go back to it and the cycle continues. As a ghost writer, I also work on multiple projects. In this case, I work on a schedule of priorities rather than on my own whim. In any case, authors must endeavour to be versatile and self-driven. To be excited about all your projects and to remain in the state of commitment and inspiration is really important. It also requires adjustment to a lifestyle and a mind-set that is conducive for writing. All these play a role in facilitating multiple projects. 

Is there a modus operandi you follow and formulate before you actually start writing your next book? 
Research is one of the most important things an author must do before setting out to write a book, particularly if it is a non-fiction self-development book. These books are always driven by some challenge to which solutions must be found. Readers will buy books that answer their questions or solve their challenges. That's not to say that you should not write something that you are inspired by.

For example, a quote book with a collection of your original ideas is wonderful but perhaps it can add value if you told a true story with each quote or explained it further. When you are sure that you have a book that answers a need, you can start the next step of structuring and writing it. 

Does the writer’s block actually exist? Any tips you would give to come out of it.
I am of the belief that it does exist but I don't believe anyone who says they experience it for extended periods of time. I am not purporting that it does not happen but then I would attribute the block to some sort of life, health or mental problem which must be resolved in order for the writing to continue unabated. When I experience it, I am just being lazy and don't want to write for a day or a week. 

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If this happens I read or do the things that calm me or that usually feed my soul. If there is a challenge, I resort to problem solving techniques in which i weigh possibilities and find solutions. This makes me available to my writing commitments again quickly. If I'm really troubled, I journal. Journal writing is a personal expression and once I've "spewed" onto paper, I tend to feel better. 

Extended writers block may also be related to poor eating habits and a lack of exercise. Good, wholesome food, plenty of exercise and rest keep people energetic and inspired. Rather than moan about having the block, it is more beneficial to work on the root of the issue and get back to writing as soon as possible.  

What was the book that most influenced your life, and why?
It wasn't a book that had an impact on me. It was, in fact, a seminar about dressing up for success that opened my mind to a whole new world of thinking. I remember wanting to speak and be successful. I wanted to write my own books and be able to sign them for readers. The course of my life has somehow played out in that way, with opportunities presenting themselves to make it all possible. 

How often do you read other novels? Who are your favourite authors?
I read everything and anything except science fiction or paranormal. I don't always read the same as the genre I write in. When I read, I don’t want to analyse. I want to relax and marvel at the powerful creativity of the author. Nicholas Sparks tops that list for me. I also enjoy Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts and Hend Hegazi. In Turkey, there are also some wonderful authors but I particularly enjoy Elif Shafak and Orhan Pamuk

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