Aman Masih - I have learnt to be patient, smile more, and realized that our heart is the biggest intelligence in our body.


It’s in these strange moments like the Lockdown that we miss our families the most. With so many migrants wanting to go back to their hometown for lack of employment and sustenance options, there is another set of super-talented professionals who have stood ground and continued being the strong pillars for their organisations.

Just like Aman Masih, an IT professional and budding life coach, he stood forte in Mumbai and continued working from home since he was needed most by his company. Surely the nature lover and foodie that he is, he missed his passions but what he got in return were some priceless gems of wisdom which the lockdown period had to offer.

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The Interview:
How would you describe the lockdown period?
The corona virus outbreak has been a global atrocity taking a toll on humans. 60 days of stay-at-home has been a time of relaxation (besides working from home), introspection, family bonding and setting new goals. On the personal front, it is time to re-bond, reconnect with the Divine. It is time to unwind and then re-build our self.

This period has shown us that all our riches, glory, good deeds are disdained to rags. Save yourself, understand the need of time and look after your own mental health. If you can survive this period with limited resources and a smile, you can survive anywhere in harsh times.

What new hobbies have you started or experimented during this phase?
Being a decently good cook, I emerged as a MasterChef. I experimented with my self-discipline in the kitchen and came up with some new recipes. I read good books like Khalil Gibran which I never managed to find time to read.

A new hobby I developed was to admire nature daily, learn from the smallest thing while observing the absolute silence on the streets. It was a memorable experience to learn, implement and pass it on.

Which films / web series / shows / content you have loved watching during this phase and why?
Personally I love horror and the mystery thriller genre. I was overwhelmed to see series like Criminal Justice, The Family Man.

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What have you missed eating or drinking most?
I missed all the street food though many dishes I did cook at home. I believe best taste lies in street food. The lockdown has raised a bar of respect towards the street vendors for their craftsmanship and magic they create with flavours.

What’s the one skill you did not know you had and realised during this phase?
I realised to master thyself in all aspects of life and smile, express gratitude in all circumstances. Never ever did I imagine in my wildest dreams I could be this strong or emerge victorious.

Has the lockdown changed you in some way – emotionally or mentally? What are the changes you have seen in yourself?
The lockdown has changed me emotionally, mentally and also physically, I have learnt to be patient, smile more, and realized that our heart is the biggest intelligence in our body. It’s always best to follow your heart.

What are the 3 things you would surely try out once the lockdown is over?
It’s not only once lockdown lifts up. I am currently following with all due diligence to abide by the rules set as per the protocols.
1. I will spend more time with affected people in person and help them.
2. I am already in touch with few businesses over call to revive them in these times and post lockdown through my ideas.
3. Lastly to visit the gym daily. On the street food front, I would love to explore new food places which I haven’t been able to visit earlier.

What have been the learnings from the lockdown? How has this phase changed you as a person? 
The most apt learning for most of us is our constant faith in the Supreme Power. There have been many underlining messages which have been seeped into us over the period of the lockdown - time is bigger than money, your mental health and family well-being should always be a priority and one should continue doing your good karmas without expecting any returns.

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I am sure most of us will start admiring and appreciating the finer things of life and not crib all the time. Your grit, patience and innate strength of facing all challenges with a strong mind will come in handier once things settle down. Do lend more power to acceptance of what the future has in store for us and keep smiling.